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Women Empowerment Initiative 

Design engineering is one of the key functions in any product manufacturing industry. The solution in physical entity for any problem would lead to development of products. Visualizing the product shape and size w.r.t to the need, configuring the kinematics, motions, critical mechanical elements, material, reliability, manufacturing, assembly and cost optimization, are the key challenges for any machine designer. To become a successful designer, she/he needs to have a complete knowledge on manufacturing activities from design to dispatch for flawless manufacturing of any product.  


There is huge dearth of women in the work force of any manufacturing industry for various reasons. Encouraging women in the manufacturing industry is one of the key objectives of IMTMA and FEDream. The female workforce in manufacturing, especially in design engineering, makes more sense and priority for enhanced effectiveness in product development.  

In view of this, IMTMA, in collaboration with FEDream, is organizing a comprehensive and hands-on training program on “Design and Manufacturing Special Purpose Machine - SPM” for young women engineers.

Max: 25 women, no fee to join

Program Objectives

Enhance the design and manufacturing skills for all women mechanical engineers and empower them to be employable across the manufacturing industry

Make women engineers self-reliant with a sustainable working career

Facilitate industry with dedicated, trained, and talented female workforce

Enhance industry productivity 

Women empowerment- social cause and responsibility

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