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47% of Indian girls are married off by 18

and dreams of an education or job are shut down.

FEdream is helping make those dreams a reality.

FEdream selects talented underprivileged girls in India to fund and mentor through their college journey. We are currently supporting girls in Yellapur, Uttar Pradesh, and Bangalore. We have visited the homes, schools, parents, and teachers of many of the girls and communicate with our scholars on WhatsApp. FEdream is not just a scholarship- it is a community. 
Our scholars are eager for an education but do not have the financial means or cultural encouragement to pursue one. Many of them have shared stories of extremely challenging situations- abusive parents, medical conditions, a single parent upbringing. Their commitment to learning is an inspiration.

Our Team

Rachel Pontes


Nadia Toh

Event Coordinator

Anna Maag

Outreach Coordinator

Jadyn Wu


Valeria Serenil

Event Coordinator

Ella Dale

Outreach Coordinator

Mitsuki Jiang

Director of Marketing

Leah Chen

Digital Design

Elia Pieniazek

Outreach Coordinator

St. Agnes Team


Urvi Basu


Karina Davis

Advisory Board

Kirthiga Reddy

Beth Rivera

Rufi Natarajan

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